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Imbolc Blessings

Imbolc gently reminds us that spring is coming! This time on the wheel of the year allows us to witness and appreciate new life blooming and awakening on Earth and within ourselves. Earth is beginning to wake from its winter slumber, and we are here to embrace her with full arms.

Imbolc is a really special time for me; it was on Imbolc that I celebrated my year + a day studies and initiated as a High Priestess with my coven. The year before that, I finished my Wicca 101 course on Imbolc. Now, this year, I am finishing the most challenging project of my life on Imbolc. For me, my stars truly align at this time!

Imbolc celebrates the end of winter, the return of Spring and the alignment of a new beginning. In my life, Imbolc continues to be a time a of entering a new chapter, refreshing my priorities and birthing new ideas. This Imbolc I invite you to become aware of how your life is shifting.

The Facts

Date: February 1-2

Common Names: Imbolc (imbolg), Celtic Fire Festival, Brigids Day

Gods/Goddesses: Brigid, Danu

Herbs: Rosemary, basil

Crystals: Sunstone, bloodstone, ruby

Colours: White (light), pink, red

Traditions: Lighting candles, watching the sunset, burning our Yule wishes and releasing them into the universe, bonfire, braid a St. Brigid Cross, make a corn doll, feasting on dairy dishes, plant seeds

Significance: Honouring the return of the sun, acknowledging the fertile lands and return of the harvest, end of winter, purification

Symbolism: Rebirth, fertility, renewal, rising sun,

History: A Celtic fire festival celebrating new life and the coming Spring. A time to honour Brigid, the Goddess of fire, healing, sun and creativity

Sun + Moon Ritual

This year, lets take this time to grow our morning sun ritual and evening moon ritual! These rituals can help us connect with the earth as she wakes and sleeps. As well, our sun ritual will help us connect to and honour the Goddess Brigid.


  • Sun stone

  • Moon stone

  • White candle

  • Journal

The Ritual

Each morning at sun rise take time to sit in meditation or silence holding your sun stone. Think of the sun as he rises and notice any changes (heat, light, sounds) as your part of the earth begins to awake. Notice the crystal energy and how it changes the flow of your morning thoughts and actions.

At night, perhaps before bed, do the same with your moon stone. Add a white candle to the ritual to enhance the manifested energies. Light it as you connect with your crystal. I like to set an intention for my candle magic; for example, when the candle is lit I am tuning into my self love.

For a deeper level of connection, try waking and going to sleep with the sun and moon!

Aftercare Advice

  • Drink plenty of water, thanking the water spirits every time the water touches your lips

  • Refrain from checking your devices and social media.

Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist or medical Doctor. This ritual + wellness advice does not replace the advice of trained medical professionals. Please seek a qualified Doctor when needed.

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