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How to Make Witches Torches

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Samhain is a time of death and transformation that offers us the opportunity to reflect, let go and start anew. Crafting and burning witches torches from mullein stalks can be a beautiful way to honour this Celtic fire festival and practice elemental magic ✨

Mullein is a plant revered for its metaphysical and medicinal healing properties. Used by witches and healers for centuries, mullein has the ability to clear stagnant energy and help us ground while nurturing the balance of our masculine and feminine energies. It’s a powerful herb used for spiritual protection and energetic cleansing that is particularly called upon during Samhain, the ancient Celtic fire festival and Pagan Sabbat.

Samhain, also known as the witches new year, is a time to release, let go and start new beginnings. Mullein’s energetic powers can assist us with cleansing stagnant energies and thought forms as we begin our descent into the winter. The mullein plant itself can be used to create ‘witches torches’ which can light the way through the darker days and can help us celebrate this fire festival.

Mullein is a perennial plant that can take 2 or more years to grow into maturity and can reach over 6-8 feet tall! When the flower part of mullein is covered in wax, it burns as a torch. At Samhain, crafting and burning a witches torch can also act as an offering to the ancestral spirits. I’m going to take you through the process of creating witches torches!

What You’ll Need

  • Dried mullein stalks

  • Wax (I’m using left over beeswax and soy wax)

  • dried herbs and flowers (I’m using rosemary, coastal mugwort and rose petals)

  • Essential oils (I’m using rosemary and cinnamon)

  • Charcoal

  • Black salt (or any type)

  • A double boiler

  • Parchment paper

The Process

Start by melting your wax in your double boiler. I placed a glass measuring cup in a pot of water, then boiled it. Make sure your glass is in the water before it boils or it will crack. As your wax melts, you can add in your essential oils, charcoal and salt.

While you’re stirring your wax clockwise, it’s great to set an intention. You can say it out loud or keep it in your mind’s eye. For example, “may these torches light the way as I descend within myself through the Samhain season.”

Lay some parchment paper down and put your mullein on top. If your mullein has any leaves, take them off and store them for another project.

Begin pouring wax onto your mullein (the flower bit only). As the wax drips off onto the parchment, you can also rub your mullein into the wax so it gets coated. Do this to each of your mullein, then as the wax dries, repeat again until the flower part is fully covered in wax. If you begin to build up lots of wax on the parchment, peel it off and remelt it! Alternatively, if you have a tall container to melt your wax in, you can dip your mullein and hang dry them.

Lastly, do one more coat of wax and, with this coat add, your dried herbs and flowers ontop. It’s helpful to press them into the wax so they stay put.

Let your torches dry thoroughly. Spend some time staring at how beautiful they are!

Before you light your torch, cut the tip off so you expose the dried mullein. The dried mullein will act as the accelerant as you light your torch.

As you’re burning, be mindful of any fallout and practice fire safety. You can burn your entire torch at once or douse it with water to put the flame out. Simply cut the burned end off and start over!

Check out my full video demonstrating how to make witches torches and celebrate Samhain, the witches new year!

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