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About Shamanism

“Shamans are time travellers. They travel beyond our familiar time boundaries into the past and future, into other states of being and other universes of time” - Holger Kalweit


What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is an ancient form of spiritual healing done by a shamanic practitioner. A shaman can enter into an altered state of consciousness to travel the realms of the spirit world, seeking guidance, healing and retrieving knowledge. Shamans seek to create balance and healing between the spiritual and natural worlds.

Shamanism is not a religion and the healing can work for you no matter what your religious or non-religious affiliations might be.

What is Shamanic healing?

Shamanic healing is when a shamanic practitioner works with her spirit guides to heal a client, restore their power and provide a profound spiritual transformation. The healing can be done in a shamanic journey, where the shaman enters an altered state of consciousness to access the realms of the spirit world. Healing sessions are specific to each person and their needs. Shamanic healing could include soul retrieval, power animal + guide retrieval and ancestral healing. At Soul + Selene, Shamanic healing can be the primary method of healing, but your sessions may also include sound healing, crystal healing, reiki and nature centered rituals.



Who can benefit from Shamanic healing?

Every one of us can benefit from shamanic healing. Shamanic healing can help us release the energies and thought patterns that no longer serve us so that we can create space for love to flow into our lives.

Spiritual illness is a leading cause for seeking Shamanic healing. Spiritual illness can manifest in many areas of our lives due to past traumas that may have resulted in soul loss and/or power loss. For example, depression, ptsd, self harm, negative self talk, unexplained illness, autoimmune issues, and pelvic floor dysfunction are few ways that spiritual disharmony can manifest in your physical life. Below are some of the reasons for seeking shamanic healing:

  • Depression

  • Emotional imbalance

  • PTSD

  • Unexplained illness and inflammation

  • Recurring or persistent illness

  • Feeling stuck or unlucky

  • Continued patterns of unwanted behaviour or emotions

  • You’ve been through a traumatic experience

  • You had a difficult start in life as a baby or child

  • You want to deepen your connection with nature

  • You want to expand your spiritual practices

  • You’re going through change or you want to transform

  • Patterns from your lineage or ancestry need healing

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