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"Before my power animal retrieval, I had felt a great disconnection from Nature and my spiritual path. With Brianna's help, I've been able to connect with my power animal…An ally whose immense wisdom and kindness has helped to comfort me in the best and worst of times.


Since this experience, I've felt and experienced many magical moments with my animal guide and among Nature. This process has shown me just how powerful, benevolent and wise these Universal beings are.  I highly recommend Brianna for power animal retrieval. She has been continually and genuinely supportive along my journey." – Melissa D, Spokane, WA


"I am very grateful to Brianna for the shamanic healing rituals she has done for myself and my daughter. For me personally, she has done several sessions: a shamanic extraction, a soul remembering and a soul retrieval session. Each time I felt a strong energetic shift and saw my life change for the better. She also did an extraction ceremony for my daughter, and there too the effect was very immediate and very visible. I am very grateful and intend to continue seeing Brianna when the need arises" - Anna K, Victoria B.C.


"I am grateful to Brianna for retrieving my power animal because it has helped me reconnect with nature and give me the confidence to begin my wiccan journey." Lucia C, Lima, Peru


"After Shamanic soul retrieval with Brianna, I feel so good! I feel more confident, a bit more fierce. I feel more whole. Thank you for this gift. I am so very grateful!" – Jenni S, Victoria, CA

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