About Soul + Selene

Soul + Selene is a safe sanctuary to heal, learn, grow and connect as you awaken to your inner power. With an in-person and online community, Soul + Selene offers healing sessions, ritual remedies, a public spell book and an online marketplace that support you in your journey.

Rooted on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Soul + Selene was birthed by Shamanic Witch Brianna Shambrook. As a young witch she struggled to understand her own strength + power until she found a community that fully supported her ascension as a priestess and healing practitioner. Our dream is that you will turn to Soul + Selene when you need to heal, expand and connect.

The meaning of Soul + Selene is sun and moon in Roman and Greek mythology. Sol is the Roman sun god and Selene is the Greek moon goddess. Together they represent the divine balance of masculine and feminine and of light and dark. In our journey, the sun and moon support us in our growth and connect us with our loving purpose.


Brianna Shambrook is a Shamanic Witch rooted on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Through practices such as core shamanism, crystal healing, sound healing and ritual magic, she is devoted to honouring your divine goddess within. As a ritualist, she brings you everyday practices and ceremonies that empower you. With Brianna by your side, you will awaken to your power and light within.

In Victoria, B.C., Brianna apprenticed with renowned Shaman Alison Skelton where she developed her healing techniques with perfect love and perfect trust.  She is earning her crystal healing certification from the Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy and has her Reiki training with the Victoria Reiki Energy School. She is a student of world known thought leader Gabby Bernstein through the Spirit Junkie Masterclass. Brianna also has a bachelor’s degree in Classical History from Acadia University and a graduate diploma in Cultural Heritage from the University of Victoria. 


"I am grateful to Brianna for retrieving my power animal because it has helped me reconnect with nature and give me the confidence to begin my Wiccan journey - Lucia C.B., Lima, Peru"


"I feel so good! I feel more confident, a bit more fierce. I feel more whole. Thank you for this gift. I am so very grateful!" – Jenni (Shamanic Soul Retrieval), Victoria, CA