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Shamanic Healing Sessions
All sessions are by distance


Power Animal 

Power animals are spirit guides who act as our spiritual partners who assist us, protect us and give us strength and wisdom.


When we are connected with our power animals, we have a stronger knowing of how the spirit world manifests in our everyday human lives.  


$100 cad / 1.5 hr

Are you experiencing power loss, mysterious chronic illnesses, depression, or other life altering imbalances? Are you ready to release patterns and belief systems that don’t serve you? Spiritual first aid will assist you in releasing energies, thought forms and bonds that hold you down. With spiritual first aid, you will connect with spirit guides and spirit realms that can support you on your journey.

If you are new to spiritual healing or want a tune up, then this is for you. 

1st Aid


Advanced Shamanic Healing

Subsequent sessions.


If you are a new client, our first session together will always be spiritual first aid.


The following subsequent sessions will include intrusive energy extractions, soul retrievals, elemental and ritual prescriptions, ancestral healing, guided meditations and discovering your spiritual gifts.


$300 cad / 3.5 hr / Subsequent Online
$300 cad / 3.5 hrs / Initial Online
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