What is Witchcraft?

Witchcraft is an ancient practice that invokes divine love by creating balance + harmony in nature and between the spirit realms. The craft is performed by a witch, and involves working with Mother Nature, the elements, directions, herbs, stones, gods, goddesses and other energies. The witchcraft can look many ways; there is no right or wrong way to practice. Many witches consider the craft a spiritual practice involving rituals that aim to heal, connect, grow, teach and bring more love into their lives. 

Here at Soul + Selene, we practice Shamanic Witchcraft and offer nature-based rituals. Every ritual and practice can be adapted to suit your own needs, wants, views and religions. You do not need to be a witch to experience our offerings!


What is Shamanic Witchraft?

A shamanic witch combines the teachings of shamanism and paganism and/or Wicca to achieve healing and retrieve information from the spirit realms.


Gail Wood says, in the book The Shamanic Witch, that “Shamanic practice seeks healing and wisdom from realms that overlap ours. The practitioner journeys into those realms to find answers, healing, power, and mastery for the individual practitioner and for community. Wicca casts a circle and calls in the wise ones from realms that overlap ours. In that circle between the worlds, the witch journeys and communes with the creatures and teachers of those realms for the same reasons – to find power, answers, healing and mastery. Both the shamanic practitioner and the witch bring that wisdom back to help and heal themselves and others. In an alchemical melding, the shamanic practitioner and the witch become one in service to self, to others and to the Goddess and God” (Gail Wood, The Shamanic Witch).



Terms to Know

Pagan: A nature-centered religion. Paganism pre-dates Christianity and is considered the first religion. It has absolutely nothing to do with evil and everything to do with love and nature.

Ritual: An intentional ceremony or rite performed using aspects of the earth such as herbs, flowers, crystals, sound, the directions and the elements. A ritual is a manifestation of divine love, and thus often considered magical.

Shaman: A healer who can enter into an altered state of consciousness to travel the realms of the spirit world, seeking guidance and healing and retrieving knowledge.

Shamanism: An ancient form of spiritual healing where a shaman consults with the spirits realms and our spirit guides for healing and creating balance in the universe.

Wicca: A branch of Neo-Paganism introduced by Gerald Gardner in Britain in the mid 1950s. Scott Cuningham defines Wicca as, "a religion, centering reverence for nature as seen in the Goddess and the God."

Witch: A man or woman who practices witchcraft; a person who seeks healing and spiritual information by performing a nature-based ritual rooted in divine love.

Witchcraft: A tradition or practice where a person called a witch invokes love and divine intervention using ritual magic.