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5 Ways to Practice Earth Magic

Magical winding trees and stone path

Are you looking to expand your earth magic practices? Earth magic has endless possibilities that all lead to creating a deeper connection with nature and with yourself, allowing you to witness the divinity of your spirit.

The beautiful truth is that we are not separate from the earth, she is a mirror for what’s occurring within us and within the collective consciousness. Intentionally spending quality time with her will ground us and anchor us deeper into source energy, moving us more into alignment with our highest selves and awakening our understanding of unity consciousness.

If we let her, the earth will reflect back to us endless abundance, prosperity, love and magic. She has the power of showing us that everything we seek and desire already lives within us. This is the gift of earth magic.

As the earth begins to rebound after her winter slumber, Spring is a gentle time to purge old energies, integrate our healing, acknowledge our personal power, connect with our intuition, and set new goals that match the vibration of our present self. Now, we can allow a new cycle to begin circulating within and begin flowing in harmony with the wheel of the year.

Here are 5 ways to do Earth Magic:

1. Find Ways to Care for the Earth

Garden with planted plants ready for the incoming summer

This might look like you learning to change your own habits, become more sustainable and earth conscious. Remember, the earth is a reflection of yourself. Learning to care for her more deeply will, in turn, allow you to care for yourself and show you your own unlimited possibilities. This could look like:

Choosing more sustainable products

Plant a Garden

Eating organically

Advocating for earth conscious causes

Shopping locally

Picking up Garbage

If you want to get inspired, definitely check out my journey to cleaning up over 2000 pounds of garbage and restoring a forest!

2. Plant Alchemy

Burning dried yellow yarrow in a cauldron

Plant alchemy is the process of seeking the wisdom and knowledge of plant spirits to enhance our spiritual transformation and expansion. Through our connection with the plant spirits, we can deepen our awareness of the natural world, the spirit world and our higher self which will inevitably lead to a life altering metamorphosis. To create this connection, we must nurture a relationship with the plants, begin to sense their energy and develop an appreciation for their offerings.

The spirit, or the essence, of a plant holds divine secrets and wisdom that has the power to create positive shifts along your spiritual journey. The earth and her plants are a gateway to source knowledge that can expand your consciousness. Plant alchemy is one of the magickal ways that the Divine delivers this knowledge and helps us to awaken to our own sacred spirit.

Alchemy is the act of changing one form into another. So here are a few ways you can alchemize plant spirits and learn from their altered forms:

Make elixirs and teas

Use them in cooking

Dry them and burn them

Press or dry them for divination

Press them for your spellbook

Making oils

3. Nurture Seeds and a Garden

Replanting tall purple foxgloves with my orange cat

Spring is when we start planting our seeds and caring for our gardens. When we imbue seeds with energy and wishes we can then plant them and nurture their growth. This allows us to put in the tangible work to watch our manifestations flourish. Working with plants that have already sprouted can offer you the same rewards!

If you're access to nature is limited and growing seeds and a garden isn't an option, then bring more plants into your home. Maybe this year you'll purchase or rescue a plant that is new to you and form a relationship with it!

4. Cycle with the Wheel of the Year

Foraging for wild pink rose petals

Begin learning about the different equinoxes, solstices and the sabbats. Wether you're a practising pagan or not, the beauty of the wheel of the year can live within all of us! When we observe the cycles of the earth, we can get to know her rhythms more deeply and understand her language. When we can speak the language of the earth, we unlock unlimited possibilities for our own growth and expansion.

Learn the earths cycles and moving into alignment with her, can also allow us to connect with her empathically which can create a greater awareness for unity consciousness. To start you could:

Create a seasonal journal

Read an almanac

Get to know the moon and her tides

Do sun and moon magic

Celebrate the 8 sabbats

Observe the seasons without judgement

Tune into the emotions of weather and elements

5. Become a Natural Healer

Dandelions soaking in oil

It's no secret that there are some pretty serious flaws with the western medicine world. Taking your health into your hands and becoming your own healer allows you to not only practice green witchery but it allows you to live healthy life!

Becoming your own healer might look like learning abut the medicinal properties of plants, making tinctures and oils, experimenting with teas and ointments, making medicine baths and more!

Being your own healer also means learning about your own energy. Learn how to release stagnant energy, heal your wounds, do your shadow work and become a a strong channel to your higher self.

Bonus Tip: Begin earth journalling!

When you go into nature, or your sitting with plants and crystals, intentionally journal. Notice what you're witnessing, what you're feeling and record any changes within you and the environment. This will bring you into the present moment with mother earth and create a greater awareness for her magic.

Explore more of the beauty of earth magic in my Spring Awakening video!

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