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5 Ways to Celebrate Imbolc

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Imbolc is a beautiful time of the year where we can begin to renew ourselves along with the earth. Through Yule, and our winter slumber, we've had a chance to sit with our shadows and self-reflect on our paths. Now that we are exiting that time on the wheel, we can embrace all that we learned about ourselves and use that energy to forge a new path forward. Imbolc is a traditional Pagan sabbat that takes place between February1-2, but it can be celebrated in the weeks following as well. It honours the return of the sun and the rebirth of the earth. Our own journey's are reflected within this natural rhythm, so we can take this time to renew ourselves too.

As Imbolc is a Celtic fire festival, we can also work fire magic to transform ourselves and create space for our intentions and manifestations to flow. Since Imbolc also represents the earth's rebirth, earth magic can also assist and support us at this time. So let's dive into 5 ways that we can celebrate Imbolc and embrace this elemental magic:

1. Cleanse

Cleanse your body, your space, your environment and your electronics. It's so great to cleanse before Ostara arrives so that when the Spring is finally here we can are ready to take action and enjoy the blooming earth.

Before the Winter is over, take this time to purge anything that does not serve you. This can include your physical body, relationships, habits, thought forms, material items, and your photos and documents. Let go of all that does not align with you or all that is taking up unnecessary space so that you can create room for renewed intentions and manifestations to flow.

2. Create a Plan of Action

While Imbolc is the first sabbat within the calendar year, it is not the first sabbat on the wheel of the year. For us Pagans, Wiccans and witches our new year begins at Samhain (or Halloween). We likely set intentions for ourselves at that time. Now that we've had several months to sit with those ideas, we can readjust and create a plan of action.

How are we going to achieve our goals? What are our priorities? What did my shadow teach me this winter? Think about how your going to take the actions to work with the universe to manifest and achieve your goals and dreams.

3. Do Fire Magic

With our cleansing, we want to let go of thought forms and attachments that are getting in the way of our growth and happiness. Fire can transform that energy and return it back to nature so that we can create the space for our new intentions and manifestations to flow within.

For example, write down the things you want to release on a piece of paper. Burn the paper in a flame and burry the ashes in the earth. For a more detailed fire ritual check out my Imbolc Fire Magic Ritual from 2022.

4. Do Earth Magic

Even though Imbolc is traditionally a fire festival, earth magic has its place at Imbolc as it also symbolizes the earth's rebirth. As the earth is preparing to bloom and renew itself, so are we. So finding the ways in which you can connect with this rising energy and move more into alignment with the earth will be a powerful thing to do for yourself. For example, you can practice earth magic through plant divination, giving an offering or imbuing your seeds with your intentions before planting them.

5. Connect with an Herbal Ally

Going on a journey to connect with an herbal ally can help us develop new habits, download wisdom and allow our root to become grounded. At Imbolc rosemary and basil are strong herbal allies. But other plants, like winter greens and vegetables, can also nourish us and bless us with their wisdom. For example, corn is a popular ally at Imbolc and people often make corn doll.

Say you chose rosemary as your herbal ally this Imbolc season. You could plant it, trim it, smell it, feel it in your hands, discovery its characteristics, hang it in your home, burn it, cleanse your space and energy with it, eat it, drink it, put it under your pillow, gift it. Learn from your ally and journal along the way. This type of practice can help us decipher our own intuition and as well as the messages and wisdom that we receive.

Studying with a plant ally helps us cultivate the dedication of practice and the connection to the earth and her spirits.

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