Sun + Moon

Soul + Selene is a safe sanctuary to heal, learn, grow and connect as you awaken to your inner power. With an in-person and online community,


Soul + Selene means 'sun and moon' in Roman and Greek mythology. 


Create Natural Magic

Explore our spellbook to learn about pagan rites, spellcraft, herbalism, womb healing, spiritual illness + healing, moon phases and more!


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Discover the Magic

Witchcraft is an ancient practice that invokes divine love by creating balance + harmony in nature and between the spirit realms.


Discover our flora!


Discover our one of a kind products including crystal wands, spell kits and preserved flowers in resin crystals!

All of our flowers and herbs are harvested on Vancouver Island.


Deepen your Spiritual Journey

Power animals are guardians who assist us, protect us and give us strength. When we are connected with our power animals, we have a stronger knowing of how the spirit world manifests in our everyday human lives.  


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Heal with Nature

With Shamanic healing and natural magic, we help heal your heart, mind, body and soul. 

Shamanic healing is when a shaman works with her spirit guides to heal a client, restore their power and provide a profound spiritual transformation. 


Resin Art

Our resin crystals preserve the beauty of dried flora, seaweeds and insects from Vancouver Island. 

Each crystal is hand crafted + unique!


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"I am grateful to Brianna for retrieving my power animal because it has helped me reconnect with nature and give me the confidence to begin my Wiccan journey" - Lucia C.B., Peru