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What is Witchcraft?

Witchcraft is an ancient, pre-Christian, spiritual practice. The practice of witchcraft involves using your intention, paired with your connection to Spirit and to nature, to create change within yourself and in the world.

A person who practices witchcraft is a witch and the intentions and practices of a witch will vary because it's a personal practice. The craft of a witch may include using spells, rituals, incantations and ingredients from the natural world to gain insight or intentionally manifest a specific outcome. Other methods of the craft could include divination, journalling, art, gardening, cooking, embodying the elements and shamanic journeying. It is the intention behind the practice that makes it magical for the witch! Doing any one of these things may not make you a witch, it's your choice to identify with the word witch and travel the path it takes you on.

Witchcraft is very eclectic and it has many origins throughout time and throughout the world. There is truly no right or wrong way to be a witch or to do the craft. It is a practice that can be designed by the practitioner to suit their needs and beliefs. Whatever that path may be, doing the craft allows a witch to create change and transformation so that they can move more into alignment with their higher-self and with Spirit and then help others do the same.

Even though witches have been, and are still, persecuted, there is actually incredible inner freedom with doing the craft because it helps us peel back layers of social conditioning that has been put onto us to shield us from our own personal power and seeing the magnificence within ourselves and within the natural world.

Here are a few witchy FAQs to help you have a more grounded understanding!

I want to explore witchcraft, how should I start? I recommend pursuing self-exploration and learning as much as you can! Begin figuring out what you like and don't like as well as what your beliefs are. Remember, it's okay to change! So what you attach to at the beginning of your journey can shift and transform as you do. I also recommend seeking mentors to learn from. This can include people you find online, thought-leaders, artists, other witches or whoever you want! Check out my youtube channel for inspiration and information!

I'm a witch, but I don't feel safe coming out of the broom closet. What do I do about that? Do your shadow work and begin breaking your own barriers and the barriers created by your ancestors. As you do this work, you will begin to reclaim your personal power and the answers you seek will come to you.

Download my free guide to shadow work journal prompts!

Do I need to practice witchcraft everyday?

Once you claim yourself as a witch, the growth that you experience everyday will transform your spirit. You don't need to do spells, rituals or whatever your craft is everyday. But as you begin to open yourself to expanding your consciousness and healing, you'll begin to notice how the smallest thing you do is a reflection of your craft. For example, becoming aware of your thoughts and being introspective can be part of your craft. Making tea every day or adding cinnamon to your coffee can be part of your craft.

Is witchcraft a religion?

No. Witchcraft is a personal and spiritual practice, not a religion. The word witchcraft is not synonymous with Paganism and Wicca. Both Paganism and Wicca are non-organized religions. However, you can be religious or non-religious and practice witchcraft.

Is witchcraft done alone or in a group?

Both! You can practice witchcraft on your own or in a group. It is both a solitary practice and a community practice.

Can men be witches?

Yes! You can be literally anyone in the world and practice witchcraft, it is not a only for women.

Is the purpose of witchcraft to worship the Devil?

No. This misconception was ultimately created to demonize witchcraft and the women who were thought to have been witches. The truth here is that many of the beliefs and practices of witches are shared with pre-Christian Pagan traditions which were inevitably stolen and pre-branded by the Church. Then, the original traditions were demonized. The horned god for example, that many witches and pagans worship, is a representation of nature and not of the Devil.

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