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Spiritual Meaning of Circles

The circle is a symbol hidden in plain sight with a power so sacred that it holds the wisdom of all that has ever been created. It is unity, creation, wholeness, and oneness. Circles are the sun, the moon phases, directions, the ecosystem, chakras and menstruation, portals and labyrinths, fairy mounds and wedding rings, and the cycle of life then death.

The circle has and always will represent our journeys from beginning to end, and all the shifts and connections in between.

In witchcraft, circles can be the foundation of a practice. Many witches cast sacred circles for protection when practicing their craft and the intention of their spells and rituals also have a cyclical nature. The intentions that we have bring lessons and experiences to fruition, to full circle, and the ingredients that we gather mirror the cycles within nature. The time we choose to cast our craft may reflect the phases of the moon or the time on the wheel of the year.

We can see the importance of the circle even in our favourite shows and how the symbolism of the circle laid a foundation for their plots. Like when Claire passes through the stones in outlander or when the Owen’s women cast a circle to save Gillian in Practical Magic or the seasons of life in Midsommar. How about when Dorothy’s fortune is read with a crystal ball in the Wizard of Oz and when the witches in the Craft call their coven The Circle.

In the fall of 2021 I embarked on a journey to build a stone circle in my enchanted forest. As I began making my plans, I thought a lot about why I was building this circle. These beautiful structures mirror the nature they are built within yet there is so much mystery around their purposes and their abilities. The truth is that the strength of the stones and the symbolism of a circle create a protected sacred space for Divine wisdom to flow and energy and intentions to be amplified. Stone circles can assist us with reconnecting with the natural rhythms of nature and with the power of the universe that lives within us. These sacred containers can bring us a greater understanding of how our cyclical nature is a blessing that brings us infinite wisdom.

I wanted to build my own stone circle to create a magical space and a portal for energetic healing. One day I would love to build a stone circle with massive megalith stones, but for now I used what I had access to. I collected these rocks from around the forest and from my dads work site. I laid a moss ring, burned herbs and sprinkled salt around its edges to protect it from intrusive energies. I laid my moss covered rocks at each direction point to invoke those spirit helpers.

In many ways the circle is a portal to an alternate reality. A reality where we can step away from the chaos and judgement within our societies and connect with our Spirit and higher self. When we step within a circle or recognize our own cyclical nature, we can find spiritual protection and align with our personal power.

Watch as I build my stone circle and share the divine power and spiritual significance of the circle.

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Jun 22, 2023

this is awesome has i found a rock and reading this is so spiritual to me because it makes me look at myself more in a better life

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