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Mabon Blessings!

Black cat sitting high in a heritage apple tree
My Binx in our Apple Tree. These are the apples I will use in my Mabon ritual!

This year, Mabon comes right on the heels of several closing energy portals including the end of Saturn retrograde, end of the 999 portal and the Pisces Friday the 13th full moon. These energy portals have been super difficult to navigate and have brought up a lot of flowing emotions. As we enter new beginnings and ways of thinking, self care and gratitude will be our allies this season as we honour the renewal we’re going through.

Mabon is traditionally a sabbat of gratitude, saying thanks for the harvest of our lands and welcoming the darker nights. We have even more reasons for our gratitude this year as we can say thanks for the energetic shifts that we’ve just incurred. As self-care has been important over these last 2 weeks, we can continue being gentle with ourselves throughout this Mabon/equinox. It’s the perfect to get cozy with ourselves, friends and family, celebrating all the energetic shifts that we’ve faced and overcome as well as the abundance we around us!

Date: September 21-24

Common Names: Mabon, Autumn Equinox, The Harvest, Second Harvest,

Gods/Goddesses: The Green Man, Mabon

Herbs + Plants: Rosemary, Yarrow, Sunflower, Wheat, Rose Hips, Berries

Crystals: Garnet, Sapphire, ruby, amber, citrine, aquamarine

Colours: Red, orange, brown

Traditions: Apple magic, picking apples, baking apple pie, making buttermilk bread, having a feast with foods collected locally

Significance: Abundance, balance, gratitude, harvesting, balance between divine feminine and divine masculine

Historically: Mabon is seen as the second harvest of the year, the first being Lammas and third Samhain.

Apple Ritual

This Mabon I’m doing a simple apple ritual that I learned from other members of my coven. You, of course, can switch the apple to anything else, with seeds, that you’d harvested.


- Handpicked Apple

- Mabon altar

- Candle, with a Mabon colour

- Athame.

The Ritual

Handpick an apple from a local tree, thanking the land and the apple spirits + faeiries for this harvest. Bring the apple home and build an altar around it with symbols of the Autumn Equinox. For example, fallen leaves, pumpkins + gourds, pisces moon water, pinecones. Put a candle in the altar and light it.

Carve the apple and take the seeds out (You could use your athame). Holding the seeds in your palm, envision what you truly want to manifest and grow in your life. Keep your vision flowing until the candle burns out. Let your wishes transfer to the seeds!

Take the seeds outside and plant them in the ground (or a pot if necessary). Water the seeds and watch as they grow.

Apple seeds can be tough to grow so if they don’t sprout, don’t worry! Your intention to plant a seed in the earth and allow its energy to expand will be complete!

Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist or medical Doctor. This ritual + wellness advice does not replace the advice of trained medical professionals. Please seek a qualified Doctor when needed.

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