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Pisces Full Moon Energy Portal

This September our full harvest moon is in Pisces and falls within a power house week of flowing universal energies. It truly is a rare occurrence of energetic alignment that guides us to say goodbye to karmic ties, patterns and relationships that are no longer serving us in a good way. Not only are we entering into the full moon phase, but we’ll also be experiencing the 999 Portal, the end of Saturn retrograde and Friday the 13th. All of these energies are helping us move on from a position of feeling ‘stuck’ in old ways and step towards confidence, clarity and strength.

Currently we are experiencing the 999 portal that started on the 9th and ends on the 18th, which is also the end of Saturn retrograde. Both this retrograde and energy portal are here to help support and guide us as we let go of any energetic baggage in the form of unhealthy karmic bonds. You may have noticed that during this Saturn retrograde you were clearing a lot of ‘stuff’ from your past. You may have been actively healing your inner child, healing old traumas and ending karmic cycles like specific harmful relationships. Now is the time we finish up some of that work and begin to feel the benefits of all that we did during the retrograde.

Today, during this 999 portal and the end of Saturn retrograde we hit the full moon in Pisces on Friday the 13th. I know, it’s a mouthful and it’s a lot to take in! Friday the 13th is typically associated with superstitions and hollywood movies but it truly is a day to honour the divine feminine energy within all of us. Fridays are considered Venus day and the number 13 represents the 13 cycles of the moon; Friday the 13th ultimately honours the 13 cycles of our Divine Feminine energy.

This September full moon is all about celebrating the the water spirits, the harvest and autumn equinox (Mabon). It’s no coincidence that this Pisces full moon falls on Friday the 13th in the middle of 2 transformative energetic portals. Take this opportunity to witness the ebb and flow within and honour all of the spiritual work this retrograde guided you to do until now.

For me personally, my sun sign of Sagittarius had a full moon during the retrograde in June. It was such a challenging time for me! I feel called to combine water and fire magic to release the steam that’s been building within me as I’ve taken on my shadow work head on. In addition to beginning my own moon cycle on Friday the 13th, I will also be witnessing a Pagan hand fasting within my coven! To say this is going to be a power house of a weekend is an understatement.

During such a transformative time of change, the process can be overwhelming and painful. So please be gentle with yourself, practice self care and reach out to the people you trust if needed.

Yellow Jacket bee sitting on bright yellow fennel flowers
Include fennel in your magic this full moon to increase and strengthen your dreams and visions.

The Ritual

For this ritual, I’m going to show you a simple variation of what I’ll be doing by combining Fire and Water magic. Be mindful of the size of your flames and the amount of water you will add as this combo has the potential to create lots of smoke. You may want to move this ritual outside under the full moon.


A cauldron or fire-safe containersacred paper (soaked in favourite herbs and essence)Dried herbs with thick stocks as kindling. Eg. Mugwort or CedarPurified WaterPisces full moon altarOptional: Blackberry ink and PenAn incantation

As always, begin your spell by calling in the elements, directions and spirit guides for support. Create sacred space for yourself, and, if you feel called, cast a circle. Keep your intention active in your mind’s eye.

What to do

Create an altar around your cauldron, using tools and ingredients that represent this unique energy portal (eg. Pisces + the harvest).

Rip your sacred paper into pieces and, using whichever pen/ink you have, write down the things your are ready to let go and why you’re grateful for those experiences. Put the paper into the cauldron with your dried herbs and light a fire.

Stare into the flames and chant your incantation as your old patterns and karmic bonds are released from within you and returned back to the earth. As your fire burns out and there are still small flames, pour/drop purified water onto the fire and continue to return to your intention until the smoke dissipates.

Under the light of the full moon, return the ashes to the earth.

Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist or medical Doctor. This ritual + wellness advice does not replace the advice of trained medical professionals. Please seek a qualified Doctor when needed.

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