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Lammas Blessings

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

It’s time to honour our abundant lands and ground ourselves as we collect our first harvest. At Beltane, we planted the seeds of abundance and united the divine masculine and feminine energies. Now, we celebrate the first bountiful harvest that we tended and watched prosper. We give our thanks to the land and also recognize the work we’ve done to grow spiritually.

Specifically, Lammas marks the first harvest of grain on the wheel of the year. We can take this time to honour the Grain Mother and Harvest Queen, as well as the Sun God, for their bountiful gifts. Lammas is a Sabbat that can be easily celebrated with feasts and festivals showcasing local craft talents and blooming harvests.

Date: August 1-2

Common Names: Lammas, Lughnassadh, Harvest Festival

Gods/Goddesses: Lugh, Demeter, Sol (sun god)

Herbs + Plants: Mint, Calendula, Yarrow, Sunflower, ash tree, wheat

Crystals: Sun stone, amber, citrine, carnelian, peridot

Colours: Yellow, gold

Traditions: Harvesting grains, corn dollies, broomstick magic, making bread and drinking wine, crafting, making a gift for nature, Sunday garden party, wheat decorations

Significance: blessings from the earth, the first harvest, mastery and skill, honour the light of the sun god, honouring the Queen of Harvest

Historically: Great festivals and feasts celebrated the Sun God and the First Harvest within the yearly harvest cycle.

Prosperity Altar + Manifestation

What You’ll need

  • Fresh and dried SunflowersMint, Calendula

  • Sunstone, Citrine and Amber

  • Yellow Candle

  • Pentagram Uniting the Elements + Directions

  • Pencil + Paper

  • Bowl of Purified Water

  • Your lammas craft eg. Corn dolly or wheat braid

* You can use any other Lammas alternatives!

What to Do

  • Create a ring using the fresh flowers

  • Put your bowl of purified water in the middle of the ring. Place the candle in the water bowl.

  • Place the crystals and any other materials you like around the bowl

  • Begin to burn your dried herbs and call in your spirit guides and helpers and begin to speak your wish and intention

  • Cleanse your altar and candle with your dried herbs, holding your intention in your third eye.

  • Light the candle, still holding your intentionTake some time to write out what you want to attract and prosper within your life while being as specific as possible. For example, if you need money then write down exactly how much you need and even what you will use it for. Alternatively, if you want to go on a trip then break down the expenses of what you’ll need and how much money you’ll require! Be specific!

  • Put your list within the altar.

  • The duration you burn your candle can vary depending on your schedule and also the candle used. You could burn it for 2 whole days over August 1-2, or you could burn it for 20 minutes a day during your morning or night time ritual. Just keep burning it until it goes out! If you need to blow it out, snuff the flame because blowing on it will blow the magic away.

  • Surround your altar with intention while it is active!

  • Return your flowers and purified water to the earth when you’re finished with your altar

Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist or medical Doctor. This ritual + wellness advice does not replace the advice of trained medical professionals. Please seek a qualified Doctor when needed.

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