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Full Moon Energy Cleanse + Ritual Bath

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

The full moon signifies the start of a new cycle and can bring a total energy reset. As the moon reigns over our waters, she supports the ebb and flow within and on earth. This is an opportune time to cleanse ourselves with water to expel unwanted energies that could be holding you back in the shadows instead of living vibrantly as your whole true self. Sometimes our physical and spiritual body will pick up energy that doesn’t serve our greater well-being. When we purge these energies, we create space within to be filled with our own divine energy and loving essence. Paired with tonights lunar eclipse in Capricorn, we couldn’t have asked for a more powerful time to cleanse!

A ritual medicine bath is going to cleanse you in so many different ways. The water spirits, along with the ingredients, will pull the toxins from your body and purify the energies that your spiritual body is purging. An energy cleansing bath is also perfect for removing hexes and curses that other people have imposed on you.

I don’t classify energy as good or bad. We simply sometimes hold energy that is not vibrating at the same frequency as our divine selves. These energies can then lower our own frequencies and keep us locked in a 3D world when we so deeply want to ascend to a place of greater spiritual awareness and connection. How do you know if you are holding energy that isn’t serving you? You may experience symptoms such as an ego-take over, body pain, brain fog, lack of appetite, or even feelings of itchyness.

After this ritual bath, it is important to then protect yourself from new leaching energies (energy vampires if you will) or psychic attack. Make sure to read through so you can learn how to create protection for yourself.


  • 2 cups of Himalayan or Sea Salt

  • Frankincense, rose, and sage dried herbs + essential oils

  • Fresh sage

  • Moonstone, black tourmaline, rose quartz

  • Seaweed (if possible)

  • Exfoliant

* You don’t need to buy anything! Use what you have and adapt the ritual per your needing or go into nature and collect your elements*

The Bath Ritual

  • First, smudge your entire home using your dried herbs. You could do this while your bath runs! Open all the doors and windows so that the expelled energy can leave your space and return to nature.

  • Smudge your bath water with the herbs, thanking the water/west spirits and calling in your spirit guides. Smudge yourself too.

  • Add your salt, oils, fresh sage and seaweed. You can put your crystals in water or lay them beside the tub! If you use other crystals, make sure they are water safe.

  • Submerge yourself in the bath water and visualize the water washing away negativity, pulling out toxins and unwanted energy.

  • Place the crystals on your body and imagine a bright light beaming from your entire energetic body, renewing, loving and supporting you as you let go of that which does not serve you. This light is Spirit protecting and supporting you.

  • Cleanse your physical body with the exfoliant to further rejuvenate yourself, removing old cells and stagnant energies. As you do this, thank the energy you are letting go for bringing you this awareness to your own behaviours, relationships and attachments.

  • Drain the bath after you exfoliate and thank the water spirits and your guides for your their assistance.

  • Clean your tub right away so that none of the energy lingers nearby.

Create Energetic Protection

Now that you’ve totally cleansed your physical and energetic body, you need to create a deeper level of protection so that you are not easily susceptible to new energetic or psychic attacks.

Under the light of the full moon (if possible), sit in meditation and envision that same bright light creating a shield around you. Visualize the shield being so full of strength and love; a strong protective shield will only allow energies vibrating at your same frequency to enter your field! If it helps, you can envision the light being green to help you connect with your heart.

Continue to visualize this shield whenever you can to be aware and build on its strength. As well, you can connect with your power animal to help shield you from any type of energy attack (click here to do that).

Carrying your black tourmaline from the bath ritual is another way to create a protective boundary around you; black tourmaline transmutes all low vibrating and negative energy and helps stave away anything unwanted.

Make smudging a daily ritual for yourself to set your daily and nightly intentions and building on the spiritual support that you’ve cultivated.

Photo by Brianna Shambrook

Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist or medical Doctor. This ritual + wellness advice does not replace the advice of trained medical professionals. Please seek a qualified Doctor when needed.

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