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Crystals for Goddesses

Menilite in center surrounded by clear and tangerine quartz

For Goddesses, crystals can help guide and support us as we journey deep within ourselves to discover our truths, our wisdom, our ancestors and our divine feminine magic. There are many crystals that we can turn to when we have physical challenges such as womb pain, childbirth and the aches that may come as you reveal and heal.

Orange coloured crystals are specifically good for women because they connect with our sacral space (orange is the colour of the sacral chakra). These orange crystals are so powerful for womb space healing because that is where our divine feminine power is stored.

When I need to pay extra attention to my womb space, and overall spiritual and physical health, I turn to crystals that connect me to the moon, the oceans, ancestors, witch sisters, ancient wisdom and the sacral chakra. I hope that you will find inspiration in these crystals too!

Menilite (also called Goddess Stone)

Menilite, a variety of opal, is a grounding stone that connects us to the deep roots of the earth. Connecting us also with the direction of north, this stone carries the intuition and knowledge of our ancestral Goddesses. This stone can help us embrace our divine feminine power and tap into the knowledge of our ancestors.

Goddess stones are generally chalky white and come in all sorts of natural shapes and sizes. Hold goddess stone during meditation or add it to a spell or ritual.


Moonstone holds ancient wisdom from the moon Goddess, our ancestors, and the oceans. Moonstone supports us as we take the deep and transitional journey within. Use moonstone to connect to your intuition, creativity, passion, your womb and your sacred-space within. The moon Goddess influences the oceans, the ebb and flow within and changing tides; moonstone can connect us with the water element and is spellbinding in water magic!

Moonstone can come in several colours; use a peach moonstone to amplify divine feminine energies and connect with your sacral chakra. Cleanse and charge your moonstone under the light of the full moon!

Tangerine, rose and clear quartz.

Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine quartz is particularly good for healing the female reproductive organs. It deeply connects us with our sacral and, like the master healer clear quartz, has the power to heal any concern in our womb space. I specifically use tangerine quartz to heal pain in my ovaries and uterus as well as muscle spasms in my pelvic floor.

This is beautifully healing crystal for women who have had a hysterectomy; it can connect you with spirit and soul part of your womb. Taping this crystal to your womb space is a good way to target a specific area of pain. As well carrying tangerine quartz in your pockets is good as the pockets sit over the ovaries.

This is also a nice crystal to use for compassion, self-love and inner-awakenings. Tangerine quartz gets its orangey colour from hematite.


Amazonite is named after the Amazon River and connects to the wisdom and spirit of the Amazon warrior women. Connect with amazonite to discover and align with your truths and witness your spiritual growth. It helps us find balance between divine feminine and masculine energies too. Amazonite is also helpful for assisting with communication and balancing the chakras. As amazonite is so comforting and embodies ancient wisdom, it can pair nicely with moonstone!

Peach selenite hearts.

Peach Selenite

Selenite is good for cleansing energetic bodies and has the powers to cleanse other crystals. Peach selenite combines the powers of sacral healing and energetic cleansing.

I recommend using peach selenite with your other Goddess crystals to enhance healing powers and strengthen your clear and strong intention. You could also use peach selenite in your morning and evening blessing/smudging rituals or include it in your meditation for clarity.

How to Use Your Crystals

1. Set your intention. When working with any crystal it is important to set a clear and strong intention for the healing so that you can direct the crystal's energy. An affirmation can aid your intention. For example, if I'm working on my ways of communication, perhaps using the crystal sodalite, I might say "I seek and speak the truth with perfect love and perfect trust."

2. Keep them close. Wear your crystals, keep them in your pocket, tape them to your body, place them near your bed, put around your home and keep in your heart.

3. Get to know your crystals. Try using 1 crystal at a time for a few days to get to know each one individually. Then, try different combinations and note any shifts you feel. Keep a journal along the way to track any energy shifts, emotions and experiences!

4. Cleanse your crystals. If you use your crystals daily, I recommend cleansing them every week or so. You could cleanse your crystals by using an herbal smudge, placing them under the full moonlight or playing an instrument over them.

Goddess Noel with desert rose selenite.

Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist or medical Doctor. This ritual + wellness advice does not replace the advice of trained medical professionals. Please seek a qualified Doctor when needed.

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