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Spiritual First Aid
By Distance

Are you experiencing power loss, mysterious chronic illnesses, depression, or other life altering imbalances? Are you ready to release patterns and belief systems that don’t serve you? Spiritual first aid will assist you in releasing energies, thought forms and bonds that hold you down.


With spiritual first aid, you will connect with spirit guides and spirit realms that can support you on your journey. If you are new to spiritual healing or want a tune up, then this is for you.

Spiritual first aid will include a combination of healings based on the needs of the individual. This may include shamanic pattern collapse, power animal or plant guide retrieval, curse removal, soul remembering, elemental ritual prescriptions and chakra balancing. 

I recommend spiritual first aid before going deeper into more advanced shamanic healing such as soul retrieval and ancestral healing; this is because we want to create a strong foundation for healing by first establishing a connection with the spirit world and creating sacred space within to allow our transformation to unfold.

To learn more about spiritual illness click here.



What is included in a Spiritual First Aid Session?

- A 30 min Zoom consultation and client intake

- 2 hour distance healing + Report

- 1 hour Zoom chat re: the healing and your homework

- 'Shamanic Journeying for Beginners' guide

- Drumming recording

After a 30 minute Zoom consultation and client intake, I will spend 2 hours doing the distance healing and creating an in-depth report about the healing and your homework given by Spirit. Based on your consultation and client intake, I will choose crystals to layout and represent your mind, body and soul for the healing. Next, we will have a 1 hour zoom counselling call regarding the healing and homework. I will check in with you via email 2 weeks later. 

You will also receive my 'Shamanic Journeying for Beginners' guide and drumming recording.


I will send you a zoom link, via email, prior to our scheduled call. 

$300 cad / 3.5 hrs total

*$40 non-refundable deposit before consultation 
(goes towards entire session)

via E-transfer or Paypal Invoice

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