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easier to get books into the cloud. With EPUB 3, books don't have to be on your phone or tablet. They can live in the cloud too. We'll look at how the Internet of Things (IoT) can help power the next generation of personal digital assistants (PDA). 01:40:47 EPUB 2.0: Pushing the Limits (workshop) Pushing the Limits (workshop) is a two-part series that looks at some of the newest developments for EPUB 2.0, EPUB 3 and the EPUB cloud. We're pleased to have a few special guests for this series, including our Chief Technical Officer, Eric S. Rabkin. We'll also highlight our continuing work in the W3C Technical Architecture Group, with the goal of integrating EPUB into HTML 5. 01:41:26 EPUB 3.0: Pushing the Limits (workshop) The EPUB 3.0 specification has been released. EPUB 3.0 promises to bring us to the next generation of EPUB, which can do all of the things we want to do. And we'll explain how you can get started using EPUB now with EPUB 3 and EPUB 3, as well as the new exciting features in EPUB 3.0. 01:42:06 EPUB 2.0: Pushing the Limits (workshop) EPUB 2.0 is a huge step forward. It brings many new exciting features, and a faster and more flexible EPUB editor. The specifications are well written and widely available. EPUB 2.0 is in preview right now, and will be finalized in early 2015. 01:42:29 EPUB 3.0: Pushing the Limits (workshop) EPUB 3.0 is the future of reading, publishing, and the Internet of Things. This series includes hands-on demos of features that are currently on draft, plus interviews with the major players in the EPUB 3.0 and IoT communities. 01:42:49 EPUB 2.0: Pushing the Limits (workshop) EPUB 2.0 is a big improvement over EPUB 1.0. This two-part series covers all the new features of the next generation of EPUB, including the new HTML5 tag embedded




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Exeba 5 5 Crack Smart Mag 11.epub [Latest] 2022

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