Elemental Crystal Set | Preserved Flora of the 4 Cardinal Directions

4 crystals representing the 4 cardinal directions of East, South, West and North. You will receive a randomly chosen set of resin crystals with a canvas bag; the pictures are examples. Each crystal stands 2.5" tall and 0.75" wide. 

East = Air / Feather
South = Fire / Sunflower
West = Water / Seaweed
North = Earth / Mushroom

The feather, sunflower, seaweed and mushrooms may all vary in appearance and colour. The pictures are only examples. Place on your altar or use in spells!


Resin crystals often have small bubbles and slight imperfections. Earth crystals also have imperfections. This is completely normal and only adds to the individual beauty of each crystal!

Care and Maintenance: 

It is possible that the flower colour may fade over time. Even though resin protects against UV light, I recommend that you keep your resin crystal out of direct sunlight as this may increase the chances of the flower colour fading. To avoid tarnishing, keep silver jewelry stored in a closed container and try not to wear in water. Salt water may reduce the glossy shine.

All photos in the Soul + Selene shop have been taken in natural sunlight. 

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