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Crystal Wand for Tranquility

Crystal Wand for Tranquility

Magic wand with crystals for tranquility inset into foraged beached wood from Vancouver Island. The wood has been carved to fit each crystal shape + stained then polished with a lemon oil. The crystals include (from top to bottom): Raw amethyst point, tumbled aquamarine, tumbled sodalite, raw aquamarine, raw turquoise, raw blue calcite and an amethyst sphere. Approximately 9.5" long.


A crystal wand is a very personal magical tool that you'll be drawn to like a soulmate. Your wand is very much a partner in your spiritual journey, assisting you in creating magic and growth within.


Crystal wands have so many magickal uses including be used to cast circles, seal spells, scan auras, cleanse energy fields and activate crystal grids!


*For our wands, we often use recycled packing boxes to fit their lengths*

  • We ship every Tuesday + Friday using Canada Post from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. All Canadian + USA orders have tracking numbers. Overseas orders do not have tracking numbers. The price of shipping will always reflect the current prices from Canada Post. 

    The $2.00 cad handling fee seen at checkout covers the cost of shipping materials. 

    Please keep in mind that we are a small artisan business and we promise to provide you with the most economical shipping options at the lowest possible price.

  • Our mission is to provide you with handmade + healing products that will help you live a life full of love + beauty! Our dream is that you will have a wonderful shopping experience with Soul + Selene and we are committed to providing you with any assistance. Please contact us  if you have an inquiry about your order

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