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Ritual Bath for Transformation


Ritual Bath for Transformation

The intention for this ritual is to welcome and embrace our transformation and the new beginnings that are coming. We are showing gratitude to our past experiences and the mystery of the unknown. We are letting go of all that does not serve us and creating sacred space for happiness and deep true love. We are connecting with Mother Earth and showing her great gratitude for her offerings and sacred medicine that grounds us, connects and heals us. Of course, you can adapt and expand any ritual and its ingredients to suit your unique self.

Pre-Ritual Care

  • Keep hydrated

  • Clean and keep your sacred space/home tidy. You don’t want to come out of bliss only to see your stack of dishes and laundry!

  • Prepare to turn off your devices, email and social media.

  • Prepare to go to sleep! You may want to crawl into bed and go to sleep after a bath ritual as it induces bliss, comfort and relaxation.

Ritual Ingredients

  • Palo Santo smudge for energetic protection and warding off negative energy.

  • 1-2 cups of sea salt to invoke self-love, energetic protection, purification and a closer connection to the ocean.

  • Brew Calendula and Sage tea to support new beginnings and to cultivate gratitude towards the coming bright times. Strain the tea before pouring in the bath.

  • Anise essential oil for energetic protection and enhanced intuition.

  • Fresh + Dried yellow flowers to represent the balance of new and old life and to promote a bright journey (eg. Sunflower pedals, pansies, daffodils, mums).

  • Tigers Eye crystal for confidence and new beginnings. Moonstone for transformation, new beginnings and connecting with the changing tides + moon. Rose quartz for inward and outward love.

  • Your intention

The Ritual

  • Smudge yourself, your bathroom and your ingredients with Palo Santo while calling in your helping spirits + guides, Angels or whatever feels right for you.

  • Put your salt and brewed tea in the bath water, pouring it while thinking of your healing intention.

  • Put several drops of Anise essential oil in the bath water

  • Add fresh and dried flowers.

  • Lay back in the water with just your face peaking above the surface. Lay the Tigers Eye, Moonstone and Rose Quartz over your sacrum, heart and third eye. Place your hands wherever they lead, perhaps over the crystals.

  • Speak your intention. State your gratitude for the unknown and the experience of new beginnings that help you witness yourself grow. Chant freely how your transformation is helping to support a life you love. Begin to let go of the habits that no longer serve you.

  • If needed, you can create a statement or affirmation to chant. For example, “I choose happiness, love and my divine wellness. I grow with change and new challenges. I am grateful for all of my blessings and I am living a life I love.” Envision a bright yellow light sweeping through your body, starting from your crown chakra and bursting through your feet. FEEL the gratitude that you have for your blessings, the unknown and tune into the love you have for your ever abundant life.

  • Express great gratitude to Mother Nature for her offerings and this healing medicine. Thank the water spirits for this cleansing water.

Advanced Ritual

  • Create a circle for yourself by calling in the elemental spirits and directions. Call the spirits of the East (air), South (fire), West (water), North (earth) and Center (ether).

  • Close the circle by thanking the spirits for supporting you. Speak a closing rite: By the earth that is our body By the sea that is our blood By the fire that is our bright spirit and By the air that is our breath This circle is open, but unbroken May we meet, may we part, but may we meet again Blessed Be

Aftercare Advice

  • Drink plenty of water, thanking the water spirits every time the water touches your lips

  • Refrain from checking your devices and social media.

  • Journal the ideas and messages that came through for you in the ritual. Keep the journal close as you may have more to write in the morning or during the week.

  • Cleanse your crystals before putting them away.

Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist or medical Doctor. This ritual + wellness advice does not replace the advice of trained medical professionals. Please seek a qualified Doctor when needed.

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