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Purification Candle Spell | Fire Magic

Fire magic is a beautiful and sacred way to transmute energy, allowing us to create new life from the ashes. The fire spirits can transform and alchemize energy by purifying it and returning it back to source. With our intention, fire can assist us with releasing patterns, thought forms and attachments. Then, we can fill that space within ourselves with the things that bring us joy, love and strength; allowing us to better manifest the realities we are seeking for ourselves.

The spell I'm going to share with you is a very simple candle spell that you can adapt for any intention or any Sabbat. For example, if your wanting to release poor money habits and bring in financial abundance you might want to use specific herbs, a green candle or work your magic on a particular moon phase.

For this spell, I'm casting my magic on Imbolc, a Celtic Fire Festival, so my ingredients for this example align with this Sabbat. I'm also working with the energy that I've been releasing since Samhain that focuses on ancestral patterns. At Samhain, I released my co-dependency and that is my theme for this year. So my intention for this candle spell will work around that. I'm going to share some examples of that, but keep my own specifications private as you always want to protect your magic!

At the bottom of this page you can watch me do this spell in my 2022 Imbolc video!

Some things to consider:

  • For safety, it's best to do fire magic outside.

  • This is a great spell to set intentions with a new moon.

  • You can use any type of candle because this is not a ritual. Your magic is not intrinsically linked to this exact candle.

  • You could also use a bon fire or any other source of fire.

  • Use ingredients that feel right for you, change anything in this spell that you need too.

  • My ingredients here are tuned to the sabbat of Imbolc. For example, I'm using rosemary and a pink candle which are Imbolc correspondences.


  • A sacred herb, I’m using rosemary

  • Salt

  • A candle

  • A candle holder

  • Fire proof dishes

  • A light

  • Paper and pen, I’m using spelled paper that I soaked in roses and hibiscus.

  • A crystal, I’m using sunstone

  • A canvas bag

The Spell

  • First, I set up my sacred space and my spell ingredients. Then, I invoked my intention while grinding my rosemary, which I harvested from my garden (you could also use a smudge stick!). I specifically chose rosemary not only because it represents Imbolc but it is also an ancestral healing ally and I am breaking ancestral patterns.

  • I burned my rosemary on a charcoal disc. I purified my ingredients and created sacred space with the smoke. As the rosemary was burning I also called in my spirit helpers including the directions and their corresponding elements.

  • Then, I sprinkled a salt circle around myself and my ingredients for protection and to keep out intrusive energies.

  • I lit my candle and spent a few minutes gazing with the flame and thinking about my intentions and the things I’m going to release. You could create an affirmation that you say out loud. For example, "I release the energies that keep me bound to ancestral patterns of co-dependency so that I can stand strong on my own foundation."

  • I wrote out what I’m releasing on my paper and lit each piece on fire with the the candle flame. I watched as each piece of paper burned down in my fire proof container. I allowed my 3rd eye to follow the energy as the fire spirits purified it and released it back to nature. Please take your time doing this and honour the release of the energy and all that it has taught you. I also thanked those energies for the lessons and growth they have brought me.

  • Then, when I was ready, I wrote out what I am manifesting for myself. For example, "I am creating a stable financial foundation for myself so that I am financially free" or "I'm standing in my power so that I can trust my own discernment above all." When manifesting, I like to word my intentions as if I've already brought these things into my life or that they are currently flowing into my life now.

  • I put my wishes into my canvas bag with my cleansed sunstone and some of the rosemary that I ground up. I have chosen sunstone both to represent the Imbolc spirits and also to represent the work I am doing to balance my own divine masculine energies. I’m going to keep the canvas bag close to me, to remind me of my magic, probably by my bed!

  • Lastly, to dispose of the spell ashes I buried them in the earth.

  • When I was ready to finish I closed the spell and opened my circle by thanking my spirit helpers and releasing them from my spell. To end my magic spells or rituals I always chant,

By the earth that is my body

by the sea that is my blood

by the fire that is my bright spirit

and by the air that is my breath

this circle is open but unbroken

may we meet

may we part

and may we meet again

Watch this spell in action! Spell begins at 6:33 but the first part of video, where I talk about the Pagan Sabbat of Imbolc, has some really useful information for you!

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