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Mabon Traditions

Every year during this week I hike out to this river to harvest coastal mugwort in honour of the Mabon harvest!

At Mabon and the autumn equinox the day and night are once again equal, just as they are at Ostara and the spring equinox. There is a divine balance of the light and dark and the masculine and feminine within us and within the universe. The seasonal energies at this time on the wheel of the year are ushering us into a transition. This years energies are coming to full fruition and as we approach the witches new year on Samhain, we are also preparing to descend within ourselves as the sun wanes. We are transitioning from one phase to another, and as we do this we need to take care of our energies so that we are strong for the descent within. This is a time to rest and reflect on all that has manifested for you, whether a desired manifestation or not.

This Mabon aligns with the energies of a full moon in Pisces (on the 20th). A Pisces full moon teaches us about our emotions and the way that we flow through the world. This is also the last water full moon of 2021, so a lot of things may come up for you. Take this full moon and Mabon to reflect and rest it is a super sensitive time. As the water and earth energies bring things to the surface for you and give you the space to reflect on those things, be gentle with yourself.

Practicing gratitude and self care during the Mabon season will renew your energies and prepare you for going within during the winter months. Self care can look like rest, sleep and reflection in the way of journalling. You can also align your self care with the Pisces new moon and the mabon harvest (the water and earth energies). For example, you could make a moon water or a medicine bath with herbs and flowers from your harvest. You could also go swimming or do some bare foot forest bathing.

Particularly at this full pisces moon on Mabon, you may be receiving messages through your dreams. You may be sleeping a lot more during this period and you might be having more intense psychic dreams. Keep a dream journal nearby and write what you remember and how you feel and what comes up for you. Try witnessing your dream from your waking self perspective.

Come along with me as I harvest coastal mugwort (sagewort) and give you a Mabon and Pisces full moon energy update. Don't forget to like and subscribe!

Mabon Facts

Date: September 21-24

Common Names: Mabon, Autumn Equinox, The Harvest, Second Harvest,

Gods/Goddesses: The Green Man, Mabon who is a Welsh God and the son the earth mother.

Herbs + Plants: Rosemary, Yarrow, Sunflower, Wheat, Rose Hips, Berries

Crystals: Garnet, Sapphire, ruby, amber, citrine, aquamarine

Colours: Red, orange, brown

Traditions: Apple magic, picking apples, baking apple pie, making buttermilk bread, having a feast with foods collected locally, craft a broom

Significance: Abundance, balance, gratitude, harvesting, balance between divine feminine and divine masculine the yin and yang

Historically: Mabon is seen as the second harvest of the year, the first being Lammas and third Samhain.

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