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Full Moon in Sagittarius

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Full moon by me

This June, the full strawberry moon is set in Sagittarius and will push us to be brave and make bold decisions. During this full moon, we might start to rethink some of our thought patterns and belief systems that are holding us back. The fiery moon energy can help support us as we clear those blocks and take the next step on our path.

As a Sagittarius, I’m going to tap into this energy alignment with fire magic! Jupiter, my reining planet, is also visible this weekend so I’m really excited to see how these energies manifest for me. For this ritual, I will use a candle to melt away my blocks and unwanted thought patterns to make space for universal love and support.

I’m also making a moon water elixir to use throughout this next moon cycle. I’m going to use the water to anoint myself in my morning prayers and use it in my rituals to assist in harnessing the powers of my creative intentions. Scroll down to find out my moon water secrets!

Fact: The farmer’s almanac tells us that the strawberry moon historically signalled farmers to collect their ripened strawberries.

Fire Magic Ritual

What you’ll need:

  • Red or orange candle

  • Paper

  • Dried Rosemary, calendula, sunflower, rose

  • Amber, Carnelian, moonstone (or other fire, Sagittarius, moon crystals)

  • For Sagittarius energy, symbols of the South/Fire and North/Earth

Set up your ritual altar with the candle in the middle and all your crystals and tools around it. Begin to think about your intention while setting up and collecting your ingredients! Fire magic is great to use when letting go of thought patterns and belief systems; create an intention that is personal and direct.

In a fire safe container, mix your dried herbs together to create a smudge. The herbs I’ve chosen align with the powers of Sagittarius energy, uniting both the elements of fire and earth. Smudge the candle and altar while calling in your spirit guides and power animals for support and then light the candle.

Gaze into the flame and let the moon energy guide you to realize the patterns and beliefs that are holding you back. You may have thought about this already when crafting your intention, but let the moon help you go even deeper. Write your thoughts on the paper; sometimes writing an incantation can strengthen your release because you’re thinking hard about your word choices and their affect on you.

Burn the paper and continue gazing into the candle flame. Try to clear your mind, just like a meditation practice. Allow the moon and candle magic to clear your mind and inspire a clarity that will help you forge forward.

Gaze until the candle melts down and the flame goes out. Thank the spirits for their divine support and return the rest of your smudge back to the earth to say thank you to the elements for their magic.

Moon Water Elixir

What you’ll need:

  • Glass container with lid

  • Distilled/Purified water

  • Quartz crystal

  • Dried Herb that vibes with your intention (I’m using rosemary to connect with my ancestors)

Fill a glass container with purified water, quartz, dried herbs and put a lid on it. Place it under the light of the full moon and bring inside before the sun rises. As I’m going to be intentionally using my moon water throughout the next moon cycle, I’m going to also place my water under the moonlight the night before the full moon and the night after for some extra impact.

Use your moon water for drinking, anointing, adding moon magic to rituals and spells or to water your plants!

Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist or medical Doctor. This ritual + wellness advice does not replace the advice of trained medical professionals. Please seek a qualified Doctor when needed.

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