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Brianna Shambrook

Creative Director, Copywriter and Content Creator



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Crystals for Goddesses (Soul + Selene)
5 Types of Animal Spirit Guides (Soul + Selene)
Spiritual Meaning of Circles (Soul + Selene)

5 Types of Spirit Guides (Goddess Provisions)
How to Make a Doorway Charm (Co-author Christy Kato) (Goddess Provisions)
4 Ways to Deepen your Tarot Practice (Goddess Provisions)

View full Soul + Selene blog here.


Publications (writer and editor)
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Orange Shirt Day: September 30th Textbook

Between 2019 to 2020 I was contracted as the lead content and research editor for this publication, which is the lead document for teaching reconciliation in Canadian schools. I conducted all research, sourced all photos and artwork and wrote the first draft of the chapters (excluding any personal Indigenous accounts).

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Curator's Corner Monthly Newspaper Column

In 2014, I created a monthly newspaper on behalf of our local museum in order to rebuild our community outreach and relationship with the public. I wrote this column for 3 years and wrote nearly 100 articles. Here are 3 examples:


Enchanted Living Magazine COMING SOON...


In the fall of 2023 I will be featured as a writer and author in Enchanted Living Magazine (also known as Faerie magazine). I will have a 2 page spread with photos and an article. Here is their latest issue (not featuring myself).


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