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Space Cleansing + Blessing

What is a space cleansing + blessing?

A space cleansing + blessing fills your sacred space with infinite love + peace while banishing unwanted energies. Through a divine ritual, I am able to help you create a loving + comfortable environment that brings you joy, happiness, positivity and serenity. This ritual, performed by a shaman in your home, can be customized upon request. For hauntings, please contact us.

When we love the space we are in, it’s easier to love what we are doing and also ourselves. This is because the vibration of our space can inspire us to smile more, be creative, feel motivated and be productive. By removing all that does not belong in our space, whether it is things or energies, we create a highly vibrational space that inspires peace and happiness. When we honour our space, we honour our well being.

Potential reasons for a space cleansing + Blessing:

  • Recently moved into a new space

  • Going through a life change

  • Preparing for a new addition to the family

  • Spring cleaning

  • To promote relaxation + Serenity

  • Make space for new life, love and creativity

  • Better sleep

  • Undergoing or recently did renovation

  • After illness or loss

  • After trauma

  • Feeling unmotivated and lethargic at home

  • Constant rotation of people in your home (eg. Business or real-estate)

  • Lingering negative energy (eg. From arguments or people)

  • Had an unwelcomed guest

  • Experiencing paranormal activity or haunting

For hauntings, please contact us.

What will happen during the cleansing + blessing?

During a cleansing + blessing I will perform a sacred ritual using smoke from dried herbs, oils + salts, instruments + chants. As well, I recommend that the occupants of the house and your crystals be cleansed and blessed too.

The smoke from dried herbs washes our space, our things and ourselves by removing energy blocks. When I smudge your space, I will use a collection of locally grown herbs. If you have an allergy or request, please don’t hesitate to inform me. I will use blended oils that I brewed and sea salt to anoint you and your home with protection + love.

During the ritual I may use my voice, chanting and instruments. Sound is deeply healing as it changes frequency and vibration, inducing relaxation, positivity, and shifts in perspective. Sound also stimulates the release of pain and trauma within a space and person. A chosen instrument may include a native drum, rattle, crystal pyramid, sansula and/or koshi chime.

Please allow 90 minutes for your appointment, although the session may end sooner or later depending on the size or your home


Vancouver Island only or by special request
For Hauntings: Contact Us

Note: Locations beyond Greater Victoria + Sooke Region may require fuel charge

Nothing to book at the moment

This ritual includes a sound healing for your home using instruments like Brianna's snake drum.

This Koshi chime is tuned to represent the element of fire and will fill your sacred space with angelic harmony + vibrations.

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